GOP’s optimism vs. Democrats’ pessimism


As another week of impeachment witch trials closes, we hear the Speaker of the House deflecting her hatred of Trump by publicly stating that she hates no one because she’s Catholic. Pulling out the religious card to prove that she is above reproach actually is a true sign of her disdain for Trump. Whenever someone verbalizes, “Trust me, I am a Christian,” you know you’re about to be fleeced and that person doing the fleecing has little or no credibility and is trying to garner your trust by emphasizing their faith. This is a sad, brutal fact of human nature that manipulative people will use their faith as proof of their integrity when trying to persuade unsuspecting suckers into believing whatever pitch they’re selling.

Talking about sales pitches, how about Bloomberg’s new ads? If you like your health insurance you can keep it, there’s an America that needs rebuilt, and we need the rich to pay their fair share just to list a few catch phrases. This is deja vu. If you like your insurance, you can keep it, and we all know what a whopper of lie that was. Has anyone bothered to tell Bloomberg that someone named Trump has done a great job at rebuilding America? A multi-billionaire is going to make the rich pay their fair share is an oxymoron. You have to wonder just how many people will take the bait.

There’s a chasm between conservatives and liberals and it’s more based on optimism verses pessimism. It’s come to my attention that liberals see the world as if we the people are the problem and politicians adding more government regulations are the solution. Democrats are selling an extraordinarily pessimistic view of fear and hate. Their repeated messaging of end-of-the-world climate change along with life as a zero-sum game isn’t just incorrect — it’s downright dangerous. Life is not a zero-sum game, and spouting such hate speech trying to stir resentment, prejudice and hatred is class warfare.

Conservatives, on the other hand, believe that people are the solution and government often hampers the creative abilities of the individuals. Their message of self-reliance, goal-setting and proactive approach to life keeps America’s greatness. They don’t resent someone’s wealth; they try to emulate it. They create jobs and give back to the local community. They believe in the human spirit that one person can make a difference. A person’s success often lifts many more people out of poverty. The visceral hatred for Trump only hurts those that are buying into the message of pessimism.




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