What are Democrats really running on?


What are the Democratic presidential candidates really running on?

From the last debate, it sounded like impeachment. Is that something to run on? After listening plus some research, they are running on: rebuilding the middle class; tax hikes; VAT tax; free college; confiscation of guns; universal health care coverage; upping minimum wage; wealth tax; abortion rights; wealth inequality; criminalizing corporate negligence; job guarantee; climate change; lowering prescription drug prices; LGBTQ rights; college loan relief; jobs; abortion rights; universal basic income; mental health programs; decriminalizing sex work; women’s health; agriculture; renewable energy; and investing in federal infrastructure. They want to reform education, criminal justice, economy, immigration, police and prison systems.

This is a cumulative mixture of all Democratic candidates. What does each talking point mean to us? Hasn’t Donald Trump made great strides in rebuilding the middle class? Won’t additional tax hikes lower our standard of living and create job opportunity shortages? How is college paid for since the government doesn’t produce anything? Confiscation of guns is confiscation of your freedom. Who is going to pay for universal health and how are they going to divvy out the care since you have a limited number of care providers and unlimited amount of people? Will raising minimum wage create more jobs or limit job creation? Why don’t Democrats who cry about wealth inequality give away all their wealth and lead by example? Aren’t corporations held liable for criminal acts already? How can government guarantee jobs unless they own the means of production? Why are people who are passionate about climate change not riding a bike to work and living without electric or heat? Wasn’t it Congress that voted for paying full price on drugs? When were the rights of LGBTQ community revoked? Who will repay the college loans if the students don’t? Who is paying for universal basic income? Isn’t unemployment at an all-time low? The federal law Roe v. Wade is still being upheld, so abortion rights are still valid. Would the decriminalizing sex workers help women rights or hurt them?

There are some common sense ideas such as promoting renewable energy, investing in federal infrastructure and agriculture, but will they actually make improvements or just get rich off of us? If you want your freedoms, liberty and pursuit of happiness removed, along with any ability to improve your life, then vote Democrat. They will tax us into poverty creating two classes of people, the ruling class (lords) and the very poor working class (serfs).




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