Trump rooted in corruption


I believe the Trump administration is rooted in corruption. Look at all the Trump affiliates in jail — Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Rick Gates and Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen. What happened to his promise to only hire the best people? He said he would drain the swamp, but he actually created a cesspool.

In only three years, more cabinet members have been fired or resigned than any other administration in modern history. Misuse of funds, conflicts of interest, ethics violations and influence peddling — it’s a disgrace. Now with over 13,000 documented lies, it’s hard to believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

He says his Ukraine call was the “perfect” call. If it was so perfect, why was there a panic after it happened, and why was it immediately put on super secret server? It’s hilarious now watching Republicans run from reporters when being asked, “Is this a quid pro quo?” They don’t know how to answer.

We have Trump asking the Ukraine to open an investigation on the Bidens; if not, he’s going to withhold military funding that has already been approved by Congress. I believe that’s a classic quid pro quo. I believe it’s impeachable and criminal.

I also must address the religious fanatics that support Trump. Remember, this is the guy that brags about grabbing women by their anatomy. Trump routinely breaks six of the 10 Commandments.




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