Stop insults, look for compromise


In response to a number of points addressed to Democrats and published here previously:

First, Democrats do not want abortions, neither immediately post-conception nor up to the ninth month. Nobody wants abortions. Victims of rape or incest, or those told they will have a child with a condition rendering null its quality of life, or those whose lives will otherwise suffer, might wish for abortion. Democrats will preserve a woman’s rights over her own body.

Second, health care paid by the government for undocumented immigrants is illegal according to the Affordable Care Act.

Third, candidates promoting Medicare for All haven’t been elected yet. The Affordable Care Act remains law. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ plan would eliminate drug companies and insurance companies from reaping billions of dollars in profit every single year. People who want to earn millions, as do many health care executives, should go to work selling yachts. Executives who sell products relating to people’s health should earn salaries proportional to those they serve.

Fourth, free college and elimination of student debt by the taxpayer have never been presented to congress. Why not consolidate all college loans at zero interest? Opportunities to provide public service in exchange for relief of some college debt should be reinstated for today’s graduates.

Fifth, most Democrats believe our borders cannot be open and illegal crossing will not be reduced to a civil offense. Perhaps conservatives could agree with a path to citizenship for adults brought here as young children who have no connection with their country of birth. Why separate parents from children at the border, board them inhumanely and then blame Democrats for the fact that President Trump’s people have ordered border personnel to slow-walk the immigration line?

Next, reparations for blacks (and LGBTQ) depend upon congressional approval. Talk of granting amnesty for 22 million undocumented immigrants, removing God from the Democratic platform and threats of socialism represent typical conservative propaganda. Do you know anybody who receives a Social Security check? That’s a socialistic program. Do you know anybody who refuses their monthly check?

It seems to me, rather, that Republicans have become Communists who approve any of President Trump’s efforts that benefit Putin and Russia.

Barbs about ignorance of Democrats demonstrate conservative incertitude. Democrats constantly review and approve evolution of the party platform promoting prochoice, planet stewardship, dignity of work, renewable energy, education, infrastructure, fair trade agreements, prevention of gun distribution to violent or mentally ill, health care for all, care of the unfortunate and equal rights for all.

Our parties could benefit from compromise without gratuitously insulting one another.




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