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I think the 2,800 Bristol residents who did not respond to the county sanitary engineer’s survey on water and sewer were perfectly clear. They were not at all interested. Why waste any more time? The Tribune Chronicle’s Saturday, Nov. 23, “onion” was ridiculous.

— Gustavus

Thank you for Don Mumford’s columns. How nice it is to read something so refreshing with fond memories of Warren. Don’s memos are so calming in this time of turmoil in this country. It would be nice to see these articles more often. Helen would be proud.

— Howland

I have a heart pacemaker in my chest, run by a battery. A lot of other people have these devices. I can’t help wondering if getting zapped several times a day by speed camera lasers isn’t hurting my heart pacemaker?

— Niles

This is to commend the driver of Maplewood school bus #7 for slowing down as she passes me on our dusty, gravel road. The consideration is very much appreciated!

— Mecca

Why is it that little children with severe allergies now cannot get Epi-pens, but we sure can give out the Narcan for free? Something is wrong with this picture. Start charging for Narcan — $500 a dose would be a good start. And one dose is all you ever get. Our first responders have to deal with this daily, and it is not fair to them.

— Windham

We have been to many calling hours and funerals this year and can’t believe how many people don’t silence or turn off their cellphones. That is so rude! You are there to offer condolences and phones are going off like crazy. It is so disrespectful! Please do the same in church and in restaurants, while the pastor is trying to preach and your server is trying to take your order. And it is the adults, not the children.

— Leavittsburg

Michael Bloomberg has thrown his hat into the ring of Democratic candidates for POTUS. It looks like he’ll try to buy the spot. He has over $50 billion to spend. Warren and Sanders are already complaining about this. I have concerns that he just might pull it off.

— Girard

In his typically indecent fashion, Trump has now subverted the United States military justice system by excusing the reprehensible criminally convicted actions of a deviant serviceman. Our once sacrosanct military has been tragically reduced to fallacious “Deep State” status appealing to the mindless rallying masses worshipping in adoration the demagogic practices of this vulgaric president.

— Warren

President Trump continues to lead from the autocrats’ handbook by undermining the Secretary of the Navy, after a Navy Seal was punished for killing an ISIS fighter and posing with the body. Navy Seals are proud and don’t pose with enemies’ bodies like a prized animal. This is what dictators do. They destroy the free press and tell people “Do not believe what you see or what you hear.” I think Trump gets his marching orders from Putin. Be careful America.

— Girard

Mexico’s government seems dead in the water. Hands down, cartel resources outflank Mexican Army, National Guard and police forces. It took government forces eight hours to respond to the mass murders of the American women and children. Or did they wait for the murderers to clear out of the area before they dared to approach? Where is the outrage?

— Vienna


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