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Niles citizens should be outraged. Administrators should be ashamed of themselves. The city just emerged from fiscal emergency, and they vote themselves raises? The mayor said he wasn’t in it for the money? Council members, for the most part, are the same ones who served with the last administration. This administration might be worse than the past one. Shame on them. The school system also has been mess. Wake up, Niles!

— Niles

Is it fair that someone who wants to run for office such as board of education be rejected just because he or she forgot to sign the back of a piece of paper? By not allowing these people the opportunity to make it right and get their names on the ballot, you are denying voters a choice, especially when you have two seats and only one person qualifies to be on the ballot. “We the people” deserve a choice.

— Fowler

On Jan. 20, 2017, Donald Trump was sworn in as 45th president. On Jan. 30, an email from Attorney Mark Zaid said we can’t allow this; we must impeach Trump. This attorney is now the legal eagle for the first so-called whistleblower. Adam Schiff has orchestrated this impeachment inquiry circus to get Trump, no matter what. Starting Wednesday, they opened hearings on the inquiry. It will not be done fairly as Schiff has complete control on who, what, when and where. The witch hunt continues.

— Girard

Nine million American vaporers (tens of thousands of which have quit smoking) have been put under the gun by a couple thousand injured by vaping black market TCH illegitimates driven by a fanatical media inspired frenzy. The culprit in this small fraction of injured vaporers? Vitamin E acetate found in illegal THC vapes! Public Health England found that vaping is 95 percent less harmful than smoking conventional cigarettes and was helping 20,000 people quit per year. The American response has been to ban vaping. Shameful!

— Warren

I appreciate all aspects of the Christmas season, but not in October. Retailers have been displaying Christmas trees and merchandise since the end of September. Now a radio station has begun to play Christmas music. We are not being allowed to live in the present. We haven’t even been able to enjoy the Halloween and Thanksgiving experience. By the time the Christmas season arrives, the meaning of the it somehow becomes lost to merchandising endeavors.

— Braceville

Another deadly school shooting, and still the Republicans won’t agree to extend background checks on guns because the NRA stuffs their pockets with cash, ergo, Republicans don’t care about school shootings, even if the kids are 5 years old.

— Girard

Kudos to Tribune Chronicle. Its Nov. 7 editorial outlined the disparity imposed by the Paris Accord on the U.S. and other developed countries that would be ruinous to our economies. The editorial highlighted economic implications best. The Paris Accord deigns each country police itself at “some date” in the future. This country has already greatly cut our emissions while we see India and China continuing their fast pace to pollute. The U.S. cannot succumb to international ambiguity while being held to a higher standard.

— Vienna

We have checks and balances to “Make America Great,” including impeachment. In 1973 impeachment hearings, Americans believed an American president would never brazenly abuse power. At least President Nixon, who faced certain impeachment, resigned. Today a shameless President Trump was caught committing bribery with the president of Ukraine, only to lie boldly and repeatedly. “US aid money will be withheld until you open an investigation into the Bidens.” If you want to MAGA, where is your outrage?

— Warren

When Osama Bin Laden was killed under the Obama administration, the news media and Democrats cheered and complimented the good deed. When Al-Baghdadi was killed under the Trump administration, national media and Democrats mourned and cried. One actually called this monster a religious scholar. What is wrong with this picture? How sad the media and Dems have become when it come to Trump.

— Girard


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