Sound off!

Woke up, made my bed with sheets, blanket and bedspread, all from China. Took my medication (China). Went to my computer (China). My printer (Japan) jammed. Turned on the light (China) to dress: shoes (Taiwan), jeans (Mexico), belt (Vietnam), shirt (China), hat (Vietnam). Got into my Kia vehicle (South Korea). Went to the store to buy a DVD player (China) and plastic plates (China). I just can’t figure out why I can’t find a good-paying job in the U.S.

— Vienna

This is in response to the “middle class cannot support everyone” letter last week. Politicians know the job creators — the very wealthy — will stop investing if they take away the tax-break cookie jar for the rich. So, largely the only way to fund all things provided by the government is through the middle class. When you read about companies paying zero taxes, including our current president’s businesses, those stories are absolutely true.

— Cortland

Bravo to the Tribune Chronicle for publishing Walter Williams’ columns in your paper.

— Warren

I want to thank the woman with a kind heart who maintains and seasonally decorates a little corner of my world regularly. As I drive from Hubbard to Youngstown and turn left onto Albert St. from U.S. Route 62 and state Route 7, I am uplifted by the lovely view she provides. I saw her there and wanted to stop, but had an appointment. I just want her to know how she brightens my day. May God bless her.

— Hubbard

NYC is estimated to have at least 60,000 homeless. Mayor Bill de Blasio say he welcomes all homeless and illegals to his sanctuary city. But I just heard NYC is secretly sending its homeless to other states at taxpayers’ expense. I would laugh, but this isn’t funny if they send them to our area.

— Girard