Previous engineer says he initiated plans


I would like to add clarification to a recent letter from the Trumbull County engineer relative to regionalization initiatives that I started while I was in office as Trumbull County engineer. My idea of regionalization and cooperative purchasing started when I took office in January 2009, and four months later developed into a formal plan that included a regional salt and material storage facility, a regional truck wash, a regional mechanics shop, regional snow and ice control, and cooperative purchasing.

The current engineer says this has been a topic for decades at the engineer’s office. That’s news to me. But, quite frankly, if this was a topic for decades, even while the current engineer was serving as deputy engineer, why was nothing done? It only took me four months to do something about it.

I immediately implemented my plan by purchasing a state-of-the- art truck scale to sell materials at lower costs to local governments. We started to develop site design plans for a salt and materials dome and a truck wash and we began applying for grants to pay for the construction of these facilities.

I met with every local government in the county, as well as the Chamber of Commerce, to discuss the idea of regionalization, collaboration and resource sharing. In response, I received many cards, letters and emails from these local government officials commending me, which can be summed up in an email I received from former VP of Government Affairs for the Chamber Tony Paglia stating, “You are, in many ways, head and shoulders above other officeholders in the Valley in providing leadership to move this community forward and to foster local government collaboration and service sharing.”

While I credit the current engineer for carrying out my plans, if it weren’t for me, I suspect this still would be a topic of discussion in the engineer’s office for decades.




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