President pushing division in the U.S.


We have reached a dark time in our country’s history that I thought we would never see again. I’m talking about the division of our country.

What happened to the morals we were brought up with? The seem to have been cast aside so a select few can enrich themselves. All the Christians that were brought up to believe in the Ten Commandments are watching a president who has, and still is, breaking many of them. And still, the evangelicals backing him is a shame.

To the Trump supporters, take off your rose-colored glasses and look at the facts. In this age, fact checking is so very, very easy to do. All the lies that come out of his mouth are disgusting! He distorts the facts and has his vote-chasing posse, certain senators and congressmen, backing his lies and racist attitudes.

Please people, wake up! It’s not too late. This so-called reality star is pushing our great country towards a civil war.




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