Obama hypocrisy shown with moves­


Last week, Michelle Obama spoke at the Obama Foundation Summit and shared painful memories of growing up on Chicago’s south side. She said as black people moved into her neighborhood, white people moved out. “Y’all were running from us and you’re still running” she said. She called it white flight.

USA Today reported in July that Chicago is the 4th most segregated city in the country. Maybe that is because Chicago averages almost two murders a day and has over 1,700 attempted murders so far this year. About 90 percent of those murders and shootings are black-on-black crimes. It appears that neighborhoods where these shootings occur are extremely unsafe.

The Obamas in September bought a $14 million estate on Martha’s Vineyard. Martha’s Vineyard population is 87 percent white and 4 percent black. The Obamas also own an $ 8 million home in the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, D.C., that is 83 percent white and 4 percent black. So, Michelle, who is running from whom? Y’all left your roots and moved into white neighborhoods in homes with fences and walls surrounding them. Hypocrisy personified.


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