‘Medicare for All’ not sustainable


Medicare: Government pays 80 percent of healthcare; $135.50 comes off our Social Security check every month of this, then people have to buy supplemental insurance to pay for the rest of the 20 percent. Some may include eye and dental, all of which depends on which plan you choose. You must also reach a deductible, which is also determined by what supplemental insurance you buy. And this is the cost which we on Medicare have to pay for. Could be $50, $100 or more each month. Nothing is free.

According to the Democratic Party, they want to take supplemental insurance and get rid if it to give “Medicare for All.” All people in America — citizens, illegals, everyone. Medicaid is provided for all low-income citizens of the United States by our government. And no one is turned away for care in this country — legal or illegal. We are the most humane country. A lot of people use the emergency room as their doctor, which is not good.

The Democrats are pandering this socialist idea to Americans and even speaking to the AARP to sell their ideology. The only thing they are doing is scaring more than 200 million people who buy supplemental insurance or get it through their employer, and telling them this will all be gone under their regime. This is not going to be Medicare for All; it will be Medicaid for All and no one will be able to keep their doctor, for this is unsustainable in our country.

I looked up the price for the Affordable Care Act. For one person it’s $440 per month; a family is $5,613 per month. I do not find this affordable. No wonder no one is talking about President Obama’s plan anymore. All this while the politicians will have concierge coverage for themselves, meaning they will have superior coverage for them and crap for all of us, once they have done this.

They will have control of your health care for life. It will be rich versus poor, and we will become Venezuela, if anyone of them sits in our Oval Office. And there will be another civil war in our country, this time against the politicians.

President Trump is not a politician. This is why America is finally getting things done. No politician has ever done this in my lifetime.




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