It’s time to wake up Washington


Last week the House began impeachment proceedings on President Trump; the president hosted the Turkish leader, and both parties decided once again to stand on party lines and not address the real issues that require national attention. The national debt still is soaring, and both congress and the president’s administration have not done anything to attempt to solve this problem that will affect us, our children and our children’s children!

Where is the Leadership in Washington? Are they lost? Another major issue that the president and congress can not be bothered with is climate change. The president calls it a hoax, and congress will blame the president with its inaction. Where is the Leadership in Washington? Are they lost?

Instead the politicians will go full steam ahead and waste valuable time, money, and resources on an impeachment proceeding that could be remedied by voting in 2020 to insert a president and representatives who will address the real issues like the national debt, climate change, health care and the future of America’s children!

Everyday we hope someone — anyone — in Washington will realize that this attitude of standing on party lines will only make the situation worse. This administration and congress do not have the best interests of America at heart. End the Partisan politics and fix America’s problems now! Tax cuts and continuing entitlement programs at the current level will not solve our national issues. It is time to get to work in Washington, or pay the dire consequences of our inaction. It is time for Washington to wake up.

God Bless America!


Greene Township


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