How energy efficient are electric vehicles?


You recently had an article about electric trucks to be built here and how it would restore some of the jobs that have been lost with the closing of the GM Plant in Lordstown, and indeed, some of the lost jobs will be restored.

My question is: How long will an electric truck factory last? Electric trucks run on batteries that have to be constantly recharged with electricity, as a diesel or gasoline truck has to be refilled with gasoline or diesel fuel, both of which are hydrocarbons. So, electrically powered trucks are environmentally superior. Or are they?

Many more electric plants will have to be built to generate electricity and from what? Anyone who has driven down the western side of the Pennsylvania Turnpike has seen that almost all the windmills have stopped. The solar panels in Nevada burned up. We all know what happens to nuclear-generating plants. So the new electric plants will have to use coal, oil or natural gas, with the result that more hydrocarbons will be used then would be if they trucks used gasoline or diesel fuel.

Huge electric batteries will be needed in the trucks, and some of us know that batteries don’t work as well or even take a charge in the really cold weather. Batteries are expensive to replace and where and how will we dispose of them? They are environmentally unfriendly. Then there is the issue of battery chargers and getting the electricity to them.

So, won’t electrically powered trucks present more problems than trucks powered with gasoline or diesel fuel?




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