How did Ohio voter purge error occur?


The New York Times reported Oct. 14 that Frank LaRose, Ohio Secretary of State, was set to purge 235,000 ineligible voters in Ohio. But he was wrong about 20 percent of them. That’s 40,000 mistakes made.

According to the New York Times, it was volunteers who looked into this on their own time and found these mistakes, not Frank LaRose’s office.

The purge was only supposed to remove inactive voters, duplicate names and those who have moved. But clearly, that isn’t what happened — active voters found themselves on the list. But we don’t know how these mistakes were made.

The Ohio Democratic Party has now asked Frank LaRose twice for documentation on what happened, but his office is refusing to turn over any information on the voter purge, even just one email, on how they handled the voter purge.

This is illegal. These are public records and Ohioans have a legal right to access this information.

Frank LaRose needs to be held accountable and release his records to the public.

The purge of Ohio voters continued in spite of the obviously flawed process. This makes you question whether the Secretary of State has an agenda to suppress votes.