Get out and do your important duty — vote


I realize it seems pointless to vote sometimes because this area is dominated by one party leaving many races uncontested. It feels like a powerful few are picking who will be at the controls of government, and we are only left to validate their decision due to no choice. However, I refuse to be their rubber stamp. If I believe the uncontested candidate is not doing a good job, I am going to simply not cast a vote for the uncontested candidate. The votes are counted and the number of total ballots is also available to the public. If you do the same, and there are enough nonvotes, perhaps it will inspire someone to run against that person in the next election. It would be particularly funny if there were more non-votes than actual votes for the candidate!

Now if the race is contested, I will use a simple process starting with the incumbent. How many years or perhaps decades have they been in public service? Can I think of anything good or bad which has occurred during their tenure for which they were directly responsible? This can be tricky because many events occur regardless of who is in the office, events which they had little or no control over so you have to be fair! If their time in office doesn’t seem to support their accomplishments, then take it into account. Ultimately, if their time in office seems prolonged with only negative or neutral achievements, then take a chance and vote for the new candidate.

Voting is important. Make your vote count!