Engineer’s office deserves credit


It would appear that the former engineer is seeking credit for various initiatives implemented under my administration.

Ideas relating to salt storage and distribution, truck wash facilities and cooperative purchasing have been a topic for decades at the engineer’s office with various engineers at the helm.

Having an idea is a far cry from developing a concept and scope, building a concensus among relevant partners, creating a financial plan, completing construction plans and specifications, building the facility, operating it efficiently thereafter, performing upgrades as warranted and maintaining it throughout its useful life.

I have been a staunch advocate of resource sharing, mindful regionalization, collaboration and inclusion, and providing support and assistance to all communities within our county. I trust this newspaper, the regional chamber, your local elected officials, the department heads and any others that work directly with this office will attest to this statement.

Further, I believe in a team approach. Therefore, the accomplishments of this office should be attributed to my administration, our employees, our community partners and all that participate in these initiatives.


Trumbull County engineer


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