Compare Democrats in 1960 vs. 2020

I have a question for the Trumbull County Democrats. After watching four of the Democrat debates, I wonder which policies do our Trumbull and Mahoning County Democrats support?

1. Abortion up to and including the ninth month?

2. Giving healthcare to illegals — paid for by taxpayers?

3. Eliminating $ 160 million in private corporation health care for citizens in exchange for Medicare for all?

4. Free college and elimination of student debt by the U.S. taxpayer?

5. Open borders — eliminating the federal offense of illegals crossing border and making it a civil offense?

6. Reparations for blacks and LGBTQ?

7. Granting amnesty to 22 million undocumented immigrants already in the U.S.?

8. Socialism over Capitalism?

9. Removing God from the Democrat National Platform?

What happened to the moderate Democrat party platform? The Democrat party has been taken over by socialists who want to destroy capitalism? Your Democrat icon, JFK, is “turning over in his grave” and would be a Republican today.

When I speak with local Democrats, the majority do not know what is in their party platform and when an educated voter informs them, they chose do deny it. But, obviously, they did NOT watch their Democrat debates. How very sad to have 75 percent of Trumbull County vote out of ignorance. 2020 should be a “Wake Up Call” for Democrats in the Mahoning Valley!