Be thankful always despite the injustice


As I look around at our world today and at all of the chaos, wars, hatred, injustice, the ugliness of bigotry, and just evil in some people; it makes me sad.

Everyday it seems as though children are being kidnapped, tortured or murdered. Their innocence has been taken away from them through no fault of their own. It is getting harder and harder to watch television because of all of the ruthlessness and violence. Yet, there is still a light that shines through the darkness. The light of hope and love, a light of thankfulness.

Though some may complain about what they have, or how bad their health may be, think about the ones who have no food to eat. Yet, we do. Think about the homeless who may not have a place to lay their head, yet we complain. Our health may not be the best. Yet we are blessed. There is always someone else worse off.

We should be thankful for each day that we open our eyes. We should be thankful that we can hold our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and all our family close. Some buried their child or their spouse leaving an empty chair at the Thanksgiving table.

If you see someone in need, please don’t pass by or ridicule. Help if you can, for their situation could easily have been yours.

Be thankful for everything — biggest to the smallest. Be thankful for everyone in your life.

If you have nothing to give a stranger in need, give a smile or kind word. Acts of kindness do much for a person and cost nothing.

I have been on kidney dialysis for several years at Fercenius Dialysis center. I am thankful for all the techs, nurses, Dr. Baines, the secretary, dietitian and all the patients there. I call them my “angels without wings.” I am very thankful to them and all that they do.

As we may sit around our festive Thanksgiving dinner with abundance of food, as we share laughter and cheer with our families, please take time to thank God for what you have. We may not have what we want, but we have what we need.

Some of us are so abundantly blessed. Let’s share some of our blessings and love with someone who needs it. It may be an elderly neighbor, troubled friend or even a stranger.

If you give, it will come back to you.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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