Support Law for Warren mayor


I am writing to express my support for Randy Law in the upcoming election for Warren mayor.

I have had many opportunities to talk to Randy and have always found him willing to listen and offer positive direction. Please realize that is not the sole basis for my support, but I am sharing that with the public because I see in Randy a strong-willed individual who will do what’s right regardless of politics. People talk about politics as though it is some sort of game; yet when it comes to funding our police and firefighters to make sure we are protected, it is not a game, it can be a matter of life and death.

Randy is not your typical politician, and yes, I realize he has been involved in politics for many years; but knowing that, I have seen him stand up for worthwhile causes knowing the consequences could be detrimental to his own future. His heart has been doing what’s right for the people he serves.

The recent attempt to keep him off the ballot for this upcoming election strikes me as sad. A contested election serves the public well. Citizens should have the opportunity to hear what can be done and regardless of either candidate, each should be able to live up to their proposals for a better Warren.

Randy Law’s work ethic is beyond reproach. He will do whatever it takes to get the job done. From personal experience, and this may seem simple, it is very important to the citizen calling — Randy will return your telephone call and will be at work all day, every day.