Sound off!

Nuclear Task Force One, consisting of the Navy’s first three nuclear-powered surface ships, arrived home Oct. 3, 1964, completing Operation Sea Orbit. With no external assistance, save God, in 65 days we steamed 30,216 nautical miles without fueling or provisioning. Hosting VIPs from 15 countries, crossing the equator four times and making port visits on three continents, Operation Sea Orbit was a huge success. The USS Enterprise circumnavigated Earth many times. I was aboard for her first.

— Newton Falls

The Tribune Chronicle recently published a story concerning the Eddie Eagle school gun safety program. Credit is due to the local police officer who conducted the program at an elementary school. Missing was credit accorded to the NRA as the originator and promulgator of the Eddie Eagle program. With all the current anti-NRA screed, an occasional plug for the NRA is in order.

— Fowler

Thank you to everyone for their selfless work in creating a free clinic for legal aid in Trumbull County. There is no more naked and intimidating feeling than standing in a courtroom facing attorneys and a judge without someone at one’s side. Justice should not be only for those of means.

— Warren

Niles’ elected officials should be ashamed of themselves for even considering voting themselves such large pay raises on the heels of recovery from fiscal emergency and the heels of their election. They knew what these positions paid before they ran for office, but now that they are all guaranteed their election with no opposition in November, they pull this stunt, hoping the voters will forget about this in two years. It’s no wonder why people can’t trust elected officials.

— Niles

Nine million vapers in the U.S., 500 hospitalizations — 79 percent of which are linked to men under 25 vaping illegal THC black-marketed products. So, yes, Tribune poll participants — let’s spend more tax dollars on Big Brother to shut down LEGAL vape shops turning more people back to cigarettes. A lot of sense that makes!

— Warren

If an event promoter wants upgrades to the Warren Community Amphitheatre, he should pony up half the cost. The city can’t afford to do it all.

— Warren

Here we go again with another Trump witch hunt. Since 2015, Democrats have been after him. First it was Obama with the wire tapping. Now in 2019, a so-called whistleblower has the goods on his phone call. It was made public. There is nothing to it, as usual. I know every Democrat in the country hates him, and that is so sad. Trump has done his best to continue in spite of this. I wonder what the next crime will be — perhaps jaywalking across the street.

— Girard

The president thinks a spy told the whistleblower details of what was happening in the White House. He needs to be corrected. “More than a half dozen officials” told the whistleblower what was happening in the White House. That is at least seven people in the White House, so I am sure most were Republicans. He should use the plural “spies” when complaining about being called out on potential illegal activity. These people are patriots, not spies.

— Cortland

Wake up! In 2017, with our hyper-aggressive President Trump in power, international polls picked the U.S.A. to be “the greatest threat to world peace” ahead of North Korea, Russia and China. If you seriously want to MAGA, please do something about this disgrace. In another poll, 30 nations whose governments are considered America’s closest allies, the U.S.A. was picked again to be the greatest threat ahead of China and Russia.

— Warren