Plan would remedy flower bed’s appearance


Statements made in a Sept. 29 letter to the editor that were critical of my concern for the landscaping on the Belmont Interstate 80 interchange need to be corrected.

The letter writer contends that the landscaping has been maintained for years by the Liberty in Bloom volunteers; however, as can be clearly seen, as evidenced by the pictures in your newspaper, the landscaping has not been maintained for at least several years.

It is my understanding that Liberty in Bloom volunteers were not responsible for the maintenance of the large beds. Still, I commend the Liberty in Bloom volunteers for their wonderful work in planting and maintaining the flower beds on the interchange and at other locations in Liberty.

Subsequent to a request by Trustee Jodi Stoyak for the board of trustees to authorize funding for mulching and weeding, I viewed the beds with Neal Barkett, a well-known Liberty landscaper and principal owner of Colonial Gardens, who has offered to volunteer his services. Neal advised that the proposed maintenance and weeding would not remedy the unpleasant appearance. He stated that the beds were not salvageable and has recommended alternative landscaping plans that would be far less costly to maintain than the existing landscaping. The Barkett-proposed alternatives leave the two existing Liberty in Bloom flower beds in place and recommend that an additional flower bed be added.

The letter writer rightly asserts there are other pressing problems besides landscaping; however, premised on the belief that attracting new residents and businesses to our township is important, this trustee contends that the unsightly landscaping located at the gateway of our township — where it is likely to be viewed by people deciding whether or not to make Liberty their home or a location for their business — needs to be included as a pressing issue.


Liberty Township trustee