It’s time for a change in Warren


I am writing to show my support for Randy Law for Mayor.

Having lived in Warren for many years, I have seen the loss of jobs, the growing blight in our neighborhoods, crime rising, and murders going unsolved. Maybe the current mayor sees things differently, although I don’t see how he could.

Maybe it’s time for a change. When we keep electing the same individuals over and over and don’t see anything different happening, then something must be done.

I remember the current mayor during his last election telling us that the old Packard Building on the corner of North Park and Porter was soon to be renovated into luxury apartments with “historic tax credits.” Drive by it. What a blight to the entry to our downtown.

I realize politicians say a lot of things during an election; however, after all these years something could have been done to eliminate this gigantic eyesore.

It’s time for a change. I believe the city of Warren can see an end to empty promises with the election of Randy Law.