Impeach Trump, vote out Portman


All that President Trump has to defend himself are the false accusations involving Joe Biden and his son.

The real question is why didn’t Republicans investigate these allegations when they had control of the House for eight years and control both the House and the Senate for four years, including the first two years with Trump as president?

At the time Biden bragged about getting rid of a corrupt prosecutor in Ukraine. Republicans, like Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, supported what Biden did. Because what Biden did had nothing to do with the false allegations on him and his son. That was investigated by the press and the Ukraine.

The reason they didn’t was because they knew there was nothing there, not that it would stop them. Just look at what they did to Clinton and the Benghazi hearings. The leader of those hearings admitted they were done just to hurt Clinton politically and guess what? Mission accomplished.

I believe that Trump is guilty of impeachable offenses. The trouble is we have politicians like Portman who likely will not vote to impeach Trump because he fears Trump and his supporters.

All you see with Trump and Republicans is the “golden rule” in action. “Do unto others what you accuse others of doing unto you.” That’s how you deflect attention from yourself and what you are doing wrong in hopes of getting away with what you are doing.

Imagine if Hillary Clinton had refused to testify or provide the documents requested during the real political witch hunt Benghazi hearings? She testified because she obeyed the law and the Constitution that gives Congress that power and provided all the documents Congress requested she had. Also, she had nothing to hide and was innocent.

Trump and all his men have everything to hide, and I believe they are not innocent. All that’s really left is the formality. It is only a matter of formality now to impeach them all. Whether or not Republicans do their constitutional duty is a big question. Then Ohio voters should do their duty and vote out Portman.