Health care for all makes most sense


Teachers and nurses earn very little for performing critical jobs, while corporate bosses get paid millions more while they pollute our planet and bankrupt American families. Some overpaid CEOs leave their companies in shambles, but still receive millions in severance pay.

Take the CEO of Boeing. He received a bonus, despite the two crashes that killed 360 people.

America’s long-term health care financing is broken. Medicare doesn’t cover home care or nursing facility care, so what do people do? The elderly, the poor and the handicapped should be out there pushing for Medicare for all. In fact, everyone who isn’t a billionaire should be on the Medicare-for-all bandwagon.

The Republicans don’t want all Americans to receive decent health care because that would cut into their campaign contributions from the health care providers and the drug companies.

They call it socialism. What do you call the health care that our representatives and senators receive? I call it a plutocracy, a government run by the wealthy. They got theirs, but they don’t want you to have decent health care.

This country should take care of their elderly and veterans, but as long as we have people like Mitch McConnell and Trump in office, we will continue to punish people who built and fought for America by not giving them a health care plan as good as what Congress gets.

Vote in November, and don’t let Republicans continue to deny all Americans decent health care.




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