Drive around city, then vote for Law


I am asking Warren citizens to support Randy Law for Mayor on Nov. 5.

Why? The answer is simple: drive around the city. That is the easiest way to see the job the current mayor has been doing, not just these last eight years but for the last 16 years. He held the position of Warren safety-service director for eight years prior to becoming mayor. That is the highest city position under the mayor.

In addition, prior to holding those two positions, the mayor served on city council for years, including several years as chairman of finance committee. Yet, how many times has the city operated in the red? Enough times to require an additional income tax to keep the city going and our police, fire and other city employees on the job. Thankfully, the additional income tax passed, and our police and firefighters are at acceptable levels. But the operations department is at one of its lowest levels.

When the snow starts to fall, remember the mess we had last winter — those are the people who plow snow for our safety. They also are responsible for upkeep of our parks and city-owned property. And with the exception of recent upkeep in the parks (due to the upcoming election, no doubt) driving through our parks does little to instill pride in our city. Heaven forbid you actually had to stop and use one of the restrooms!

By voting for Randy Law, Warren has an opportunity to change its future and create a city we can be proud to say is our home.




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