Devon Stanley good for Liberty Township


Liberty residents, vote Nov. 5 for the candidate with greatest potential to impact your community addressing issues of roads, police, fire and desirability of Liberty to live and do business.

Devon Stanley, an attorney with 20 years experience, is the best choice to replace the 16-year incumbent as Liberty trustee. That incumbent has been consistent on voting “no” for progress, including pursuing and accepting $1.7 million grant and 12-year, no-interest loan from the state that enabled paving more roads than were paved in the last eight years combined. The grant and loan to complete the work this year will enable Liberty to have a substantial road resurfacing program for each of the next 11 years, made possible with the passage of a 12-year levy.

Devon Stanley’s opponent Liberty trustee incumbent voted against putting the road levy on the ballot and then subsequent to its passage, urged in a letter to the editor that the 0-percent loan be repaid over 3 years, instead of using the 12-year authorized term.

Two other trustees voted to put Liberty in line for a $620,000 federal grant for repaving and drainage improvements to Goldie Road and the majority of Fifth Avenue slated to become available as early as next year. (Devon Stanley’s opponent voted no.)

The Liberty general fund went from a negative balance in 2017 to over $250,000 surplus in 2018, and we are now projecting a considerably larger positive balance this year.

The surplus created has enabled the township to budget next year for future improvements including pursuing a grant to restore Churchill Park and purchasing a fire engine, police cars and road department equipment. For the first time in six years, Liberty will not have to borrow to fund police expenses.

Help two trustees accelerate, not inhibit, paving the way to a better Liberty.

Vote for Devon Stanley, a forward-thinking team player, offering solutions through cooperation and negotiation.


Liberty Township