Clark right choice for Howland trustee seat


I am writing to express my support for Rick Clark in his efforts to be re-elected trustee of Howland Township. Rick is a lifelong resident of Howland and has served our community as a trustee for the past 25 years. Rick has an outstanding reputation and his leadership attributes are transcendent. His public service to the Howland community exudes a tireless involvement and commitment.

As the former superintendent of the Howland Local Schools I had the opportunity to work with Rick on many occasions. Rick would often help on district projects, completing tasks behind the scenes without any notoriety. Often our schools would need assistance from township officials and Rick Clark would offer the expertise we needed. He has the unique ability to bring people together and reach consensus.

It’s important that we set high standards for those who represent us as public servants. Rick Clark is the epitome of what we want, need and deserve for Howland Township. He is caring, compassionate, intelligent and will to serve and listen to the constituents of Howland Township.

I encourage you to get out and vote Nov. 5. Your vote is important and it counts. More importantly, vote for Rick Clark for trustee of Howland Township.