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Newton Falls Councilman Stimpert has been hired for a $56,000 zoning job with no experience. That came after he voted to hire his personal lawyer as village manager. There should be an investigation. The new village manager should be ashamed of himself spending that kind of taxpayer money on someone with zero background.

— Newton Falls

Kudos to the season opener of Warren Civic Music Association’s concert season recently. Based on the numerous standing ovations and thunderous applause by the sellout crowd, The New York Tenors was one of the finest performances in the history of Packard Music Hall.

— Warren

Can someone please explain why the fire hydrants are left to drain water for weeks, wasting so much water?

— Braceville

A few evenings ago, our smoke alarms started going off for no apparent reason. They would stop, then start again. Not knowing what else to do, we called the Howland Fire Department, which immediately sent a fireman to assess the situation. Zack was very helpful and informative, easing our concerns. Thank you to Zack and to Howland Fire Department.

— Howland

I have heard local businesses complaining that residents don’t use them. I have left messages for many businesses requesting job estimates. Some don’t bother to return calls. This is why Warren residents go outside the city for their needs! Have the common decency to return a phone call!

— Warren

Quoting an educator instrumental in dropping cursive a few years ago: “Teaching cursive takes an enormous amount of time that could be better applied toward teaching other subjects.” How is it that all adults were taught cursive and still managed to complete their required studies? Fortunately, cursive is coming back. How are those running Ohio’s education system so inept?

— Fowler

Enough is enough. Now the president is coercing info from Ukraine in return for foreign aid. Come on people. This is the most corrupt administration since Harding. This man is unfit to be president.

— Niles

Does anyone really think that President Trump will be impeached? The Democratic majority in the House is the gift that keeps on giving. They may as well start gathering hammers and chisels to start carving Trump’s bust into Mount Rushmore. I just sent him another $100!

— Warren

The Democratic Congress is doing nothing more than what was recommended by Bob Mueller. Mueller basically reported he would have recommended indictment if not for the DOJ rule against indicting a sitting president. Impeachment is the system to indict sitting presidents.

— Cortland


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