Sound off!

The Sept. 13 front page shows how Trumbull and Mahoning schools rated. It’s a shameful report. How about this experiment? A superintendent of a school district rated D or F will switch jobs and salary with that district’s Teacher of the Year for one year. The superintendent of Youngstown schools makes $152K per year and gets an F. Not his fault? Try keeping your job with that grade in the real world.

— Fowler

Quite frankly, I’m getting tired of hearing stories about the local community hoping that General Motors will return to Lordstown. Face the facts: GM is not coming back!

— Warren

Some Community Development Block Grant committee members are considering shoveling grant money over to the city to build a fence around the amphitheater. How does a fence help improve the lives of low-to-moderate income residents within the city? I hope any committee or council member can answer this with a straight face.

— Warren

I agree with the previous Sound off. Owners of barking dogs must be deaf. Last year I finally gave up and sold my patio furniture. I cannot sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather because of barking dogs (four owned by one family). I called offices of the Mayor, Health Department, Safety Service Director, animal control officer and my councilperson. Three years later, they are still barking.

— Warren

I went to the Harding football game last week. We were made to pay for parking. The parking attendant said the money was for support of the girls basketball team. If it was a donation, we would have freely donated. But forced to pay for parking is not right. As a lifelong Warren resident, we support the school, pay property taxes, purchase game tickets. To be charged for parking is terrible!

— Warren

As a lifelong hearing-disabled person who wears hearing aids, it is increasingly difficult to hear emergency vehicle sirens until the vehicle is very near or when I notice other cars pulling over. Why during parades, when sirens are sounded for “amusement,” does it sound so loud, but on the highways, not so? Sirens should not be so high pitched but be louder for people with hearing difficulty, yet still comfortable. Sirens should be audible for all people, not just those with good hearing.

— Austintown

Everyone in the Washington swamp screams for gun control. Google says in 2018 there was an estimated 390 millions guns in the U.S., including an estimated 5 to 10 million assault rifles. It is way too late to believe this foolish idea that we can control guns. Instead, make laws more harsh and just maybe it will help.

— Girard

The “culture” in the Middle East results from lifelong indoctrination starting with children. History shows “we” ignore the obvious. One cannot talk with, negotiate or deal with the Taliban, al Qaida or Afghan leaders. It’s like relying on the good behavior of a pit bull. We continue to provide fodder in the region, and the result is continued loss of our peacekeeping military. We should demand we stop these losses and stop this cat-and-mouse game playing.

— Vienna

Women for Trump meet to talk about what? The six babies who died in their cages on the border? Wrecking the environment or enriching himself with his hotels and golf courses? Worst president ever on women’s rights. Are you serious?

— Champion


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