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Soon the kids will be trunk-or-treating at St. Thomas Church in Vienna. The last few years, it’s become a last-ditch venue for candidates before the November election. Due to the township divisions from the animosity among the school board, township officials and police department, let’s leave the campaigning out of it! Pass out treats as regular citizens with no ulterior motives. Kids don’t vote!

— Vienna

It is really nice to see the new businesses on Warren’s Courthouse Square have invested in easy-to-see, professionally done signs just like you see in other communities. Too bad one business that has been a fixture on the square for almost three decades has no signage. They are sinking the new vibe downtown.

— Warren

Halloween falls on a Thursday this year. Why can’t all of Trumbull County have trick-or-treating that day? Everyone could go in their own neighborhoods. I don’t understand why each community schedules trick or treat on different days and times. I grew up in a big city in Pennsylvania where trick-or-treating was always on Halloween and during the same hours. Why can’t we try it here?

— Warren

Why would Trumbull County commissioners award MS Consultants a contract for $48,960 to design and inspect a small culvert project on Lakeview Drive, Kinsman, when the county engineer has a large staff of well-paid engineers and technicians? Is it because commissioners believe the county engineer is not capable? Or is it to award MS Consultants work? Commissioners need to look for ways to save money.

— Niles

Sept. 9 came and went with no fanfare, no celebrations — a day like any other. But 34 years ago, in 1985, something did happen. Dare I say, it has affected everyone alive today in Warren / Youngstown area. Three guys at the Mobile Telephone Switching Office at 8086 Southern Blvd. entered a command at the stroke of midnight. That command allowed the commercial use of cellular phones in this area.

— Newton Falls

As has been reported recently, overdose drug deaths have decreased in this area. Most likely this is due to the use of Narcan. What I and many others would like to know, is drug use also decreasing?

— Warren

I like to sit on my back porch. Why is it that the majority of people with loud, annoying, barking dogs are deaf?

— Howland

If convicted, James Reardon should face the consequences for threats against the Jewish Community Center. His attorney’s comment that “it is a First Amendment right (issue) all day long” is ridiculous. When James finally understands the seriousness of the charges, perhaps the smile will vanish from his face.

— Warren

How many opioid pills did Johnson & Johnson force people to take?

— Burghill


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