Sound off!

After much consideration, soul searching and collaboration with experts and colleagues, I’ve reached a difficult decision to unallocate my GM vehicle. My loyalty to GM was at one time positive, since all I ever owned were GM products. However, I have reassigned my GM vehicle to the sales lot and purchased a Louisville-assembled Ford Escort. Feelings of loyalty no longer exist. My wife agrees and also will take to Ford ownership.

— Vienna

I am a longtime subscriber to The Vindicator. I just want to commend both the Vindy and Tribune for the VERY SMOOTH transition this past weekend. I also thank the Tribune / carrier in the Trophy Estates area for putting my paper right up at my garage door as it makes it easier for my elderly father to retrieve. The paper looks great and gives subscribers in Mahoning County continued reading.

— Austintown

I am writing to comment on the lazy people who don’t return their cart at the stores. They need to get their car hit by one. I like how the grocery store Aldi operates. You use a quarter to get a cart. I think it should be more than a quarter.

— Niles

Thank you, Walmart, for stepping up and being a great corporate citizen regarding gun control. Every little bit helps.

— Niles

When death comes to THEIR door at the hands of an undocumented immigrant in America, then and only then will the Democratic Party and any politician stop illegals from coming into our country!

— Niles

Regarding the Leavittsburg dam, be careful what you wish for — I’ve seen dam removal in Cuyahoga Falls. Everything upstream will be affected. The Canoe City launch will be out of the water; docks will be on dry land. Some areas currently navigable with a boat and motor will be too shallow. Fishing suffers. There will be less people able to use the river.

— Newton Falls

This is to publicly thank the Warren streets and sidewalks department for excellent service provided recently. On two separate occasions, broken tree branches and limbs impeded streets and sidewalk traffic. After placing calls to the department supervisor, the branches and limbs were removed within a short period of time. Thank you for the good service.

— Warren

I recently pulled into the Target parking lot and parked next to me was a large dog left in the car with ONE window down about three inches. This is as much about the lackadaisical attitude of the 911 operator and the obvious lack of a system in place in Target to deal with these matters. How about making an announcement over the public address system? The operator just needs a serious attitude adjustment. Animal or child, this is an emergency.

— Warren

This is in support of the previous “Sound off!” complaint concerning Tupperware boxes in Kinsman. Have you ever observed another property on State Road just north of state Route 87? Why doesn’t the zoning board do its job and get our town cleaned up and make it more attractive?

— Kinsman