News, politicians feed off today’s mass violence


Violence in our society is only a symptom of a much deeper issue that is plaguing our country today, and a great deal is caused by negative media influence. Controversy and bad news sells. Replaying bad news only encourages others to imitate, copycat and mirror the crimes of mass shooters. It’s no surprise that when a mass shooting is televised, another one soon follows. It’s this irresponsible sensationalism of tragic events that actually encourages additional acts of violence.

Politicians seize on this to promote themselves and remove your freedom in the guise of public safety. Every time there is a shooting, the first thing they want to do is blame guns and gun owners instead of putting the blame squarely where it belongs — at the feet of the perpetrator. The only response from national media and politicians is to put additional laws in place to resolve this issue by limiting rights of law-abiding citizens.

This isn’t a realistic fix. Even if you banned all guns and confiscated guns, people intent on inflicting mass casualty and death would still find a way to do so. The Sept. 11 hijackers didn’t have a gun and killed 2,977 people in one day. Look at France that has a total ban on semiautomatic weapons, and the terrorist still had the guns and carried out the crime. What about the Oklahoma City bomber who killed 168 people and injured 680 others with fertilizer and the mass amount of people killed with vehicles? Isn’t it illegal to kill someone? Yet people that carry out senseless acts already disregard the law. So making additional laws doesn’t prevent people from perpetrating such crimes. New laws would remove freedom from millions of law-abiding citizens for the crimes of the few outlaws.

We should all be asking ourselves what is changing our country that is promoting these acts of mass violence. A total disrespect for others and for human life itself should top your list. The daily televising of people degrading others by calling them names such as racist, homophobic, Islamophobic and white supremacists just helps to further the divide. Politicians are stoking the flames of resentment and division daily. They are masters at throwing in fear and envy to guide the ill informed down the path of full government control (socialism). Just remember, once you start forfeiting your freedoms, your ability to regain them is slim to none. Respect for one another is there regardless what news or politicians want you to believe. The news reports the anomaly and not the norm. The vast majority of Americans are decent, respectful people. Thank God for this country.




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