Democratic tantrum must be dealt with


According to the party of tolerance, forgiveness, open-mindedness, peace, love, etc., I along with tens of millions of other Americans have been labeled as bigots, racists, Nazis, homophobes and misogynists because we dare to disagree with the left-wing thought policy of the Democratic party. They, along with the leftist national media, demand that we believe 90 percent of Americans agree with their platform when in reality, most Americans do not agree with it.

No matter what you may think, they are not stupid. The Dems along with the world’s elitists have been working on this one world order and a socialist agenda for well over 40 years. They have taken over our public education system, Obama packing the courts which (I hate to admit) was a brilliant and strategic move. They’ve bought their way into many of the lower political seats.

They were primed to take that last step to (Nirvana) with Clinton as their leader, but then the American people woke up and elected President Trump. Think, we were within one election of becoming a socialist nation, a one world order — thank God the American people came back to life. We almost had the party of open boarders, on-demand abortion, free health care to the world, finally, no law and order.

As for the 20 or so Democrats running for their party’s nomination, are these really the kind of people we want running our country? They preach from upon their high horse what a lousy, rotten country we are or that we are the cause of the world’s ills. They actually looked forward to a hurricane in hopes that it may devastate some of President Trump’s properties. That, my friends, is insanity speaking. They show nothing but disdain for this country.

The Democratic party has become like the little kid in the store who throws a tantrum while the parents just let him go. We all know what should be done, but we don’t say anything because it is none of our business. This new Democratic tantrum has now become our business and we better take care of business in 2020.




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