Check backgrounds and use common sense when voting


Recently some Democratic politicians have been calling for common-sense background checks for gun sales. Common sense tells me if they had bought a gun in the last 20 years, they would know there is already a background check system.

Some Democratic politicians are saying no one needs an AR-15 rifle. Common sense tells me that if I had armed guards with me like they do, I might not need one either. AR-15-type rifles are excellent for home defense. There are more than 10 million of these rifles in America. If the rifles were the problem, common sense tells me there would be millions of people killed with them every year.

Some Democratic politicians are saying government-run Medicare-for-all is what everyone should have. Listen carefully to what they are saying, “Medicare for all except us.” Common sense tells me if they don’t want it, neither do I.

Climate change is another way some Democratic politicians want to control your way of living. Doesn’t anyone remember the “weather experts” in the 1970s saying the ice age is coming? Or Al Gore in the 1990s saying the world will end in 12 years? He made a fortune saying that. Now they are saying 10 years. When the weather forecast for the current week is wrong half the time, common sense tells me they don’t know for sure what is going to happen 50 years from now.

Not all the politicians, Democratic or Republican are bad. Please check their background and use common sense when voting.


West Mecca