Whose interests does Tim Ryan represent?


Once again Warren and Trumbull County are in the spotlight in a negative way. Our congressman decided not to honor our flag or national anthem.

This is a person that wants to govern all of America. We should have known better when he decided to protect an illegal person in Youngstown. It is time he leave office and join the other non-Americans to go live in a liberal community like New York.

First, he tries to pander to unions that he really has not helped, except for photo ops. I think he knows he won’t get anywhere near being president but wants name awareness to run for Senate or House speaker again. He has done nothing in Congress except take care of his friends in the Democratic Party in Youngstown.

Ryan is part of the socialist movement. He is not a leader but a follower. He will follow AOC in every way. So how does he think he can lead the American public? He will lead illegals right over our border. It is time the Republican Party goes after his poor record and promote someone to defeat Ryan. But the Republicans are afraid to do anything because they don’t want to lose their jobs.

But with Ryan the results are this: for illegals to take your job for $15 per hour even though some of these people could not fill out an application; for the New Green Deal, etc. etc.

Let’s vote someone in who will listen to the voters and not their party.




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