Trustee comments were out of line


Statements made by Liberty Township Trustee Jodi Stoyak published in the Tribune Chronicle regarding the lawsuit against Liberty Township were blatantly inappropriate and not accurate. (The lawsuit stemmed from the investigation into an unsolved death in the township. Jodi Stoyak’s comments dealt with the appointment of Toby Meloro as Liberty interim police chief.)

It is inappropriate for Trustee Stoyak to make public statements about discussions expected to remain confidential as they were made during executive session, and her summary of the discussions was inaccurate. In addition, the declaration made by Ms. Stoyak implying only her decision was well thought-out is without foundation.

“I make mine (decisions) slowly and deliberately, and I try to make the best decisions possible. They (Clebone and Cizmar) obviously made the wrong call here.”

While there is room for differences of opinion, there is no justification for Ms. Stoyak’s statement that we “obviously made the wrong call.”

While it would not be proper for us to divulge specifics in the executive session conducted prior to the appointment of Toby Meloro as Liberty police chief, we can assure you the appointment was made after extensive deliberation.

Moreover, we are encouraged, based on initiatives taken by interim Chief Meloro since his appointment, that our decision was correct. To wit: contracting with Liberty schools to fund two officers to be stationed at our schools while able to respond to emergencies throughout our township; the addition of a canine member to the police force (costs covered entirely by generous contributions) that will be especially useful in finding illegal drugs; also able to keep expenditure within a budget meaning, for the first time in five years, the township will not be borrowing for police expenses; initiatives under way to create block watches, institution of a volunteer disaster relief squad; organized first-ever Liberty participation in National Night Out to promote positive relations between the police and Liberty citizens; and the formation of group of clergy to be on call to come to the aid of distressed families.



Liberty Township trustees