Sound off!

Here we go again in northwest Warren. Imperial another St. Joseph Riverside Hospital? St. Joe’s turned into a rat hole as nothing was allowed to occupy it. Christ Our King church — same. Let’s now add to the list of prohibited occupations of buildings that turn into criminal havens and health hazards, further devaluing city properties and turning away new business activity and chases existing investment away.

— Warren

Wondering how much time would it take to build a new road for people behind Kinsman Lake had this happened in a heavily Democratic area. We in the northern tier of the county get ignored a lot when it comes to roads. The winter potholes on Davis Peck in Gustavus from the 2017-18 winter were not filled until December 2018. Last winter’s holes were fixed this month. Seems suspicious.

— Gustavus

Does Niles really need an HR department? If the city got along without an HR department for 185 years without any problems, then why create one now? Is this position truly to take pressure off the administration when it was never a problem with past administrations? Or is it just to create a new position to fill? What happened to advertising and interviewing for the position? More waste of taxpayer money.

— Niles

The resignation of Mike Verich from his position of “mobility manager” is a victory for those fighting against ineptitude and waste in local government. Now when will John Fowler and Bob Faulker resign from the board as they were asked to do by two county commissioners?

— Warren

Doesn’t the Army Corps of Engineers have portable temporary bridges that can handle a tank? I remember them putting them up in emergencies like Kinsman all over the United States. To keep these folks out of their homes for weeks while they look for funds is totally unacceptable in this day and age.

— Leavittsburg

By purchasing Greenland, this president apparently thinks he can somehow go down in the record books for great service. What he doesn’t understand is that Thomas Jefferson (the Louisiana Purchase) and James Polk (the purchase of California from Mexico and securing the Oregon Territory) were great presidents. They didn’t try to do something big just to get in the record books.

— Cortland

I’m baffled about why so many people in Trumbull County are against undocumented immigrants when so few are here. In larger cities in the country, those immigrants get fake Social Security cards and contributions from Social Security that they will never get back. But baby boomers won’t run out of Social Security because of them. They gladly pay into it as they consider it their contribution to the country they live in.

— Newton Falls

Just when I think the “TDS” (Trump Derangement Syndrome) epidemic is subsiding, I read that, by some bizarre reasoning, Bible verse Timothy 6:10 and astronomer / mathematician Copernicus 1500s are used to prove Trump is not telling the truth. Fortunately most intelligent people see through these pseudo facts and truths promoted by the radical left.

— Champion