Sound off!

Fifty-five years ago on Aug. 1, Operation Sea Orbit started. The first nuke-powered surface ships — Bainbridge, Long Beach and Enterprise, Nuclear Task Force One — steamed through the Straits of Gibraltar. On Aug. 6, 4,299 members of the Enterprise crew, including myself, became members of The Golden Order of Shellbacks because we crossed the equator at 0 degrees latitude, 0 degrees longitude. We continued, stopping only at Karachi, Sydney and Rio, arriving in Norfolk in October without replenishing food or fuel supplies. Enterprise made more world-wide cruises, but I was on her first. Wasn’t that better than all the bad news?

— Newton Falls

Of 597,000 illegals who’ve crossed our southern border since January, fewer than 1,000 are children without parents. Most unaccompanied cross with an adult male, some unrelated, DNA tests show. Their parents paid drug cartels, hoping to give their children better lives. But these children are sex trafficked and raped. Democrats didn’t acknowledge this until June, despite being told in January. And they are angry with President Trump? This can be fixed, but Democrats won’t give him any wins. President Obama, “the deporter in chief,” deported over 1 million.

— Warren

Who is responsible for America as we see it today? Who took prayers out of our schools? America’s society is in shambles. We need to repent and ask God for mercy. How many children are born with only one parent at home? All the mental institutions in the country cannot fix the violence. It is only a bandage. An unstable home life leads to violence. We have drifted away from God.

— Williamsfield

Tim Ryan, knowing he would get TV and newspaper coverage, made his scene to take a caravan to Kentucky. He got his coverage here and there. Now he knows he can just call the right people to work out any agreement to this problem. He’s been in office long enough to know that he can also write a bill to make any new law. But did he? No! That wouldn’t put the blame on the other party, would it? It was his goal to blame someone else.

— Niles

A refreshing news item was printed in the Aug. 5 Tribune Chronicle. Congratulations to officer Mark Krempasky for exposing false data put out by officials. Lying has become a tool used by too many people in office. If the facts don’t suit their purpose, they simply change them, thinking nobody will notice. Like the poor, the gullible you have with you always.

— Cortland

I work in a grocery store. People come in yacking on their cellphone all through the store. They come to my register. Don’t acknowledge my hello. Don’t respond when asked to use a reward card. Don’t reply when I say thank you at the end of the sale. But they’re back five minutes later yelling they didn’t get the sale prices. Well, when I asked you twice for a reward card, you rudely were too busy talking on your phone!

— Warren

Seat belts don’t eliminate deaths from car accidents. But we mandate them because they reduce deaths! Background checks and assault weapon bans won’t eliminate mass gun shootings. They certainly will reduce them. And the Second Amendment survives.

— Warren

Congressman Tim Ryan should be on Saturday Night Live. He is such a comedian with his political tweets competing with Trump for news. We all know talk is cheap. Getting results is what counts. America is the best in the world.

— Howland

“Criminals will always find a way to acquire guns” is a quote from an editorial in the Tribune Chronicle. That is a factual statement because in America we have more guns than people. Americans own 47 percent of all guns in the world and kill thousands each year using them. The carnage doesn’t matter and gun control is unnecessary as long as gun manufactures make a profit. May God Bless America!

— Newton Falls