Sound off!

It was funny to see Ohio Sen. Sean O’Brien posing for photos in Workhorse’s corporate office the same week that the company posted $6,000 in sales during the second quarter. This does not seem to be an indicator that this company will actually be successful in buying the Lordstown plant. Maybe Sean O’Brien should stop giving people false hope for photo-ops.

— Fowler

Has anyone noticed how bad the grounds of Warren’s Courthouse Square look? Ruts everywhere, swaths of landscaping missing along sidewalks from poor snow plowing, huge pockets where the grass does not grow. How come the city has fallen asleep on upkeep and maintaining this asset over the last decade? It has never looked this bad!

— Warren

Would love it if just one local Republican repudiated the president’s xenophobia. Come on, Trumbull County Republican Chairman Kevin Wyndham is in northeast Ohio. He can speak out against people being afraid of Mexicans and Latin Americans coming up through the southern border!

— Niles

Obviously, the person that sounded off recently about Commissioner Dan Polivka coming to Kinsman had erroneous information. Commissioner Polivka came out three times: for an early meeting Monday with Mrs. Ruby; examining damage Wednesday with fellow commissioners; and Friday he was the only commissioner on site to meet with U.S. Rep. Dave Joyce to express concern for the residents. Not once, but three times in one week.

— Warren

When Donald and Ivanka Trump neglect to put their hands over their hearts during the National Anthem, nothing is said. When Tim Ryan does the same thing, he should be tarred and feathered? Patriots “on the sleeve” have very selective memories!

— Warren

Failure by adults to get themselves and their children vaccinated has resulted in new outbreaks of measles in 28 states. If only there were records of the number of illegal immigrants dropped off and turned loose in all those 28 state communities, then perhaps one could argue against the above statement. But as usual the government and the media continue to blame the American public for these health issues.

— Vienna

It seems rather humorous for Tim Ryan’s presidential bid to be “paused” when it never showed any signs of movement.

— Gustavus

Tim Ryan recently said Sen. Mitch McConnell needs to get off his (butt) and pass the bills sent over from the House. Fact is, Ryan hasn’t voted a third of the time. This was in a recent Tribune Chronicle article. The hypocrite should get off his own (butt) and do his job before condemning someone else.

— Girard

George Washington High School in San Francisco plans to remove a 13-panel mural of George Washington from 1936 because slaves are portrayed in a few scenes. They claim it’s offensive. The University of California plans to remove its 250-year-old mission bells saying it’s offensive to indigenous people. Don Lemon said CNN will limit coverage of President Trump’s 2020 campaign, citing they disagree with his agenda. Beware of this rise of pre- Nazi tactics by the Democrats.

— Warren