Sound off!

If the Kinsman Lake is not a flood-control project or a water source for municipal or industrial use, why spend taxpayer dollars to restore it? The government is not about to put a pond on my property to give me waterfront access.

— Warren

It’s ironic that the man who campaigned for Warren law director on not hiring outside counsel now is asking city council to pay for lawyers for city hall employees just months before taking over as law director. Enzo Cantalamessa really had no idea on all the reasons why a city needs outside counsel, did he?

— Howland

How do members of the Trumbull transit board think that they’ll get results out of Mobility Manager Mike Verich by cutting his pay in half? Unbelievable. There was real hope that the new transit board members would be less apt to fall for malarkey than the long-standing obstructionists. This business as usual is very disappointing.

— Warren

How ironic is it that the “mindful” Congressman Tim Ryan “absent-mindedly” forgot to put his hand over his heart at the Democrat debate? I would say his book “A Mindful Nation” and his yoga have obviously not helped with his absent-mindedness. As a president, what else would he forget?

— Brookfield

Only in America can an unskilled “public servant” stand on a national stage without bothering to place his hand over his heart to honor this great country that has allowed him many opportunities, including a lucrative income without producing opportunity results for his constituency. Now he traipses around the country seeking a new “public servant” position, leaving his present constituency in the dust.

— Braceville

Tim Ryan said “I’ve given my entire life to public service” in the last debate. Can anyone tell us when Tim didn’t get a check from the taxpayers? When did he not have a government job?

— Vienna

The RR crossing on Meridian Road has had one lane blocked off for over a month with nothing being done! There is no warning that the lane is closed until you get right up to it. Since that road was paved, it has had nothing but problems, and the paving was a horrible job. Manhole covers that are not level with the street cause motorists to hit hole after hole when driving the outside lane.

— Youngstown

We don’t need to worry about union health insurance anymore. The Republicans sent all the union jobs to China and Mexico. Trump is trying, but failing with every attempt to bring jobs back. Until Trump calls out Mitch McConnell for blocking all his middle-class campaign promises for jobs and infrastructure, his presidency is going to be a failure. McConnell is playing the president for a fool.

— Cortland