Sound off!

The LED street light vs. sodium lights saga in Warren that’s been in the newspaper for months has a (pardon the pun) “glaring” problem. They said the sodium lights are rated at 100 watts and the LEDs are 50 watts — thus half the light output, if output is what their referring to. They need to clarify that. We don’t need “less” light on the streets.

— Warren

As an ex-construction worker, my idea to fix Kinsman dam would be to have someone bring a track hoe to the bottom of Stratton Creek, dig a groove for 1/ 2 culverts, depending on water flow. Start on the west side of the dam and dump large truck loads of stone on and around the culverts. Keep dumping until you reach the dam on the east side. That would make a temporary road that could be done in a week or less.

— Kinsman

How is it that in the year 2019, no email address is listed on the Warren web site for Warren City Health Department? There is no email address for Deputy Health Commissioner Robert Pinti or any others in the office. You cannot email the office’s receptionist or find email contacts for any inspectors, sanitarians or members of the city’s board of health. Why do they want to be difficult to reach?

— Warren

I smiled as I read a recent Tribune Chronicle letter. As daily flooding and storm reports make up more of the news and the ocean keeps rising, while the frozen tundra and polar ice caps melt, we continue to hear climate change denial from the conservative right. It was hard for some to believe the moon wasn’t made of “Green Cheese” until Apollo 11 landed. But some still believe moon landings were created in Hollywood. I continue to smile.

— Howland

“Orchid” the Champion Police Department and firefighters for the caring and compassion shown to the family after John Marc and Maryann Byler lost their darling son in a tragic accident. God Bless them.

— Mesopotamia

Don’t blame Trump! Lordstown-GM is gone because of the international and local union bargaining units not fighting for allocation for a new vehicle. Al Alli would have fought and gone on strike and taken on Mary Barra. The current union said, “Don’t worry, we have this under control,” for a new allocation in the 2013 bargaining agreement. So people kept their houses and went to work looking forward to a new product.

— Niles

Trump’s Treasury Department expects to issue $433 billion in net marketable debt from July through September to help finance a budget gap that’s widening after Congress passed $1.5 trillion in tax cuts for the richest of the rich last year. Trump once said he would eliminate the $22 trillion national debt, but now he’s set to approve a budget that will help usher in trillion dollar annual deficits. No health care plan, no infrastructure plan. Sad.

— Warren

We are going to build a wall, and who is going to pay for it? We all are! Thanks to Donald Trump.

— Champion

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently was on TV saying, “Global warming is here. It is only July and hot already.” Yes, it is the middle of summer, and it should be hot. She is the leader of the new Democrat group being called “the Squad.” Their motto is open borders, abolish ICE and everything is free. And if you disagree with them, you are racist. I hope this group is only in for one term.

— Girard