Reps should help hold Trump to one term


I feel a response is in order to some writers supporting this president of the United States, or POTUS, espousing they hate haters of him.

There are four women in Congress elected by folks they represent — not by the haters or by POTUS. Folks like these haters are the very reason real Americans are forced to live on reservations en masse instead of in Warren.

Folks who blindly adore POTUS, who even today is openly laughed at by the North Korean dictator. This all appears on the world stage, and I’ll wager that past presidents like Eisenhower, Reagan and H.W. Bush are turning over in their graves. This POTUS backs down even from Iran.

The four elected women are not haters like many of your readers, but acting like Americans supported by a Constitution, not innuendo. I am very proud of these representatives and support any legal effort they use to hold the current POTUS to one term.

To the women supporting him, would you let him alone in a room with your teenage daughter? Billy Bush let you hear him say his intentions. That wasn’t fake news.




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