Mass shootings now require some action


Can this really be happening in this country? Two mass shootings in one week — one in El Paso that left 20 dead, and one in Dayton that left nine dead.

How can we protect ourselves from this? Stricter gun laws and taking certain guns off the market is not the answer. We must look at who is buying guns, not the type of gun. And never should we infringe on the Second Amendment rights of the American people. Still, some sort of actions must be taken.

Should more citizens arm themselves to help ensure their safety and the safety of others? We are going through a difficult time here in this country, and caution must be taken that we don’t fall victim to individuals or group of individuals who would alter our way of life or our basic freedoms. These rights were paid for with the sacrifice of our fighting men and women and should never be forgotten.

Godspeed to this great nation.


Beaver Township