It’s time for GOP to take stand for gun control


While Putin sits back and laughs as Americans go about shooting one another, he cannot be blamed for the epidemic of gun violence in America. That honor falls to Republicans, who refuse to control guns even though almost all Americans are demanding some kind of anti-gun protections.

About 30 percent of American adults actually own guns, and of that number, 48 percent are white males. Only 20 percent of American gun owners belong to the NRA. Yet NRA-sponsored legislators quietly obey the NRA and ignore their constituents.

Of all gun owners regardless of party affiliation, 89 percent of them want guns kept out of the hands of the mentally ill. Yet in 2017 Trump reversed H.J. Res. 40, an Obama-era regulation that did just that.

Of all gun owners regardless of party affiliation, 84 percent support elimination of gun show loopholes. The loopholes allow criminals and persons with mental illness to make backroom deals to buy guns without background checks.

Of all Americans, the majority opposes a ban on assault weapons — but the numbers favoring a ban have risen steadily since the Las Vegas shooting and now people are almost equally split.

The NRA also pays legislators to stay out of gun violence research involving silencers, bump stocks, and other gun accessories. It does not want Americans to consider their danger. And it spends more money opposing Democratic candidates than it spends promoting Republican pro-gun candidates.

The NRA also blocks progress on technology that could make guns safer, such as biometric triggers that could only be operated by the actual gun owner. It also favors shorter waiting periods and allowing concealed carry without a permit.

The president spews out his toxic hatred of anyone not white, and signals to his base with a wink and a sneer that it’s OK to feel that way. But the gun violence must stop. If you favor gun control, just keep calling your congressional representatives. Sooner or later, they have to listen to their constituents. Time’s up.