Dems must be desperate in decision to use John Dean


The Judiciary Committee brings as a first witness to testify, at taxpayers’ expense, to impeach President Trump, 80-year-old John Dean, the master manipulator of the Watergate scandal. He served four months in jail, is a felon, disbarred lawyer, did not even read the Mueller Report and who has tweeted 900 times of anti-Trump rhetoric. It’s a repeat of That ’70s Show.

Jerry Nadler, the leader of this committee has never read the report. I did.

There is no crime, no collusion and no obstruction, but they want to impeach the president. They never say what they are going to convict him on. This is a do-over of the 2016 election that they lost, and the Mueller Report that the American citizens already paid for, but with an outcome that the Democratic party did not like. They know that the Senate will not vote for impeaching, thinking they will take over the Senate, keep the house and win the Presidency in 2020. I have seen this play before, and I do not like political theatre. I think they are smoking dope in Washington.