Dems have adopted Communism


Only an ignorance of world history allows people to believe socialism is the path to take, along with continuing indoctrination of socialism in our public education system. Decades ago a professor gave a talk at the library in Salem. It was titled, “Americanism versus Communism,” and it was the first time I ever had heard certain terms. He said, “Socialism, progressivism, and liberalism are all considered, ‘Fellow Travelers,’ on the road to full communism.” Then he added, “Those who believe in and support these ideologies without understanding this are considered, ‘Useful Idiots.'” I went home and Googled “Fellow Travelers” and “Useful Idiots.”

The Communist Party of the USA is still alive and active, but it no longer runs a candidate for president. That’s because the Democratic Party has adopted every plank of its platform. No, the Democrat Party is no longer the same party that your grandparents voted for, straight ticket. You need to wake up and smell the (red) roses. The path of socialism is a road to disaster, as has been proven over and over again, with huge losses of life among its citizens. It took 50 years under the Soviet boot before the people of Eastern Europe threw off the chains that bound them to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Kids today apparently don’t know that “Nazi” stands for “national socialism.”