Dems focus on the middle class


When I watched the Democratic debates, I came away thinking, “Are you kidding me?” When you have 10 candidates in one session, there was no time for anyone to get his or her message across. You know and I know that most of these people don’t have a chance to win the nomination.

I like Tim Ryan and Bernie Sanders, but Ryan doesn’t have the support needed to win. Bernie Sanders has an agenda that favors the middle class, the poor, veterans, minorities and workers. Call him a socialist or whatever you want, but if you are mad about the rising cost of health care and prescription drugs, the declining membership in America’s unions or our president, then Bernie looks pretty good.

I don’t know how long it will be before some of these candidates start dropping out, and hopefully, whoever is left will start getting all over Trump. I hope whichever Democrats are still in the race have a notebook of all of Trump’s shortcomings — for instance, Stormy Daniels, his praise of murderers Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin, his racist remarks and his ties to white supremisists.

Stop and think, do you want four more years of Trump? Do you want people like Mitch McConnell running the Senate? Then get out and vote Democrat.


Hermitage, Pa.