Stop aid to migrants who enter US illegally


What is with the border problems concerning illegal migrants and their housing? First, they came here uninvited and undocumented. Democrats are making a big deal about the need to spend $4.5 billion for aid to people who don’t pay taxes, are not citizens and cannot vote.

Instead, how about spending that money to help homeless in our cities and finding ways to keep illegal migrants out.

No country can absorb that amount of added burden of people to house, feed and care for. The reason they make the trip here is because they know once they are here, they will get the care they want. If that care didn’t exist, they would not come. We need to care for our own before trying to take care of the world. Maybe the countries from which they came would like to send money to support their residents.

Oh wait, that’s why they help them get here in the first place.