Sound off!

Another tax increase is coming to the ballot for Howland Township. My taxes in 2017 were $1,870 per half-year. In 2019 they are $2,350. That’s almost $1,000 more per year. Tell me how a senior citizen can afford another increase. Say no to Howland.

— Howland

Newton Falls has a 6-inch grass ordinance. My church mows its grass weekly. The grass was mowed Monday, and the following Monday, a high-grass sign was placed in the yard. It’s no wonder the “Boycott Newton Falls” signs go up.

— Newton Falls

I really enjoy going to the Warren Community Amp for some great concerts! However, some of the bands are so loud you can feel the vibration in your chest! Trust me, I love good, loud rock ‘n’ roll, but it shouldn’t hurt your ears to listen. The voices and instruments for the Bruno Mars tribute band were so loud the music was distorted.

— Warren

I just came back from a great summer evening concert at Howland Township Park! The Top Notes gave a great big band concert for free! Unfortunately, there weren’t that many in attendance. Perhaps better advertisement by the township would help. So would better support from the community. I would hate to see these concerts go away due to lack of attendance.

— Howland

The “S” curve on state Route 87 in Gustavus has had three bad accidents in the last two months, and many more in previous years. Why can’t ODOT install “dangerous curve” and “reduce speed” signs to warn drivers? ODOT is aware of the problem but won’t work with township officials to fix it.

— Gustavus

Streets in Howland and other Trumbull County areas are not safe for runners, bike riders, walkers and older drivers. Drivers are not aware of “no passing” zones. We need to repaint lines and keep them painted. This seems like a simple way to increase safety, yet the township road department says it can’t afford the striping machine, and the county says it’s too busy. Why can’t the townships get together and buy or lease a machine they can all use?

— Howland

The Trumbull County Fair is over and I wonder how many sunburned babies and toddlers there are. Every year I see babies with no hats in strollers with arms and legs exposed to sun. They also are seen in the grandstands during extremely loud tractor pulls with nothing covering their ears. The fair is no place for them. What ever happened to baby sitters? Also parents, keep your kids off the law mowers!

— Champion

Trump’s racist tweets are part of a pattern that is worse than any presidential behavior in modern history.

— Warren

Psychologists and psychiatrists would have a field day with politicians in Washington who need their help. These people are sorely in need of help to control themselves and act and speak accordingly. What happened to civility in our society?

— Howland