Sound off!

Craftsmanship, insight, knowledge and professional pride are ingredients of Ohio Chautauqua! Bravo to presenters of their historical characters; thank you to sponsors, organizers and the attentive audiences enthralled by the performances each evening. Those who did not attend missed an outstanding, personally enriching week. Kudos to all involved in bringing Ohio Chautauqua to Warren.

— Warren

It’s sad to see The Vindicator closing. Obviously a sign of the times. Unfortunately many still like to read the printed news. Maybe a new company will emerge to cover the printed news in the Youngstown metropolitan area. Print media is critical for many reasons as it covers much more news than TV media. One major reason is to keep our politicians on guard. Without their reporting, the politicians would likely run wild. Let’s hope the Tribune stays strong.

— Niles

We’ve gotten to where if you see it on the internet, it is probably paid propaganda. Radio and TV give a 10-second blurb explaining nothing. A responsible newspaper (the Tribune has made the grade) is the only source of information left to be trusted. The bottom of Page 2 is found in no other medium. The loss of The Vindicator is heartbreaking, and our area will be poorer for it.

— Warren

Pretty sad showing from the Trumbull County GOP with their members gloating and celebrating the closure of the Youngstown Vindicator. The auxiliary chair of that party, Cathy Lukasko, made this quote multiple times on social media, “Could not have happen (sic) to a better liberal newspaper.” Shame on these people and their lack of empathy and understanding.

— Warren

Kudos to the businesses and people who helped revitalize downtown Youngstown. With the Covelli Centre and new amphitheater, it’s a great place to go. I wonder how many people use Market Street to get there from Midlothian Boulevard. I drive from I-680 to Midlothian. It’s like driving through a mine field! Worst road in Youngstown!

— Vienna

Never have I seen contents of an executive session divulged like Jodi Stoyak did in a letter to the editor. Executive sessions by design are confidential and contents should not be divulged. Her political career should be all but over. What other elected official, attorney, business person, etc. would meet with her to discuss private, sensitive matters? Obviously nothing is sacred to her but her own agenda!

— Liberty

Mother Nature voiced her opinion to the Enterprise Park development by flooding the Eastwood Mall parking lot. Add runoff from additional buildings and blacktop, and flooding gets worse. There is a reason for wetlands and unspoiled landscape that cannot be replaced by “putting” it somewhere else. Are they going to remove plant and animal life from the destroyed area to another place, too? Of course, money talks.

— Bristolville

A foretelling of things to come? I find it interesting that the same day it is reported that the EPA gives the OK to build on important wetlands, Eastwood Mall parking lot floods. This is just another example that greed by some will cost many to suffer. Get your hip boots on folks; this will be the new norm.

— Warren

I called Warren’s street department about large holes on Dunstan Street NW that were damaging vehicles. They graciously took the information and within 48 hours, the holes were filled. Why can’t people take time to call and make them aware of problems? I am grateful for the quick response and the good job. Don’t complain and whine if you never attempt to get things fixed in the neighborhood.

— Warren